Resources on our Orthodox Faith abound, and we encourage you to visit the following sites to learn more.

The Online Chapel for the Greek Orthodox Church Archdiocese of America

This helpful resource provides a daily saint, feast, and reading, along with information about the fasting season. Click Here >>

A Complete List of Liturgical Texts and Services

This is an extensive list of the liturgical texts for every service celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Church. Click Here >>

Ancient Faith Ministries

Ancient Faith Ministries provides a comprehensive list of free resources, including podcasts, blogs, and streaming radio with music and services. In addition, you can also browse and purchase books from Ancient Faith Publishing. Click Here >>

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library

This online catalogue connects readers with Christian classic books, many of which can be read for free. Click Here >>

Myriobiblos Library

This free online resource provides a myriad of texts on topics related to Orthodox Christianity, the early Church Fathers, and more. Click Here >>

Parishioner Resources

A Long Walk with Mary: A Personal Search for the Mother of God by Brandi Willis Schreiber

The Orthodox Church’s reverence for Mary the Mother of God can be a stumbling block for converts, and a fulfilling relationship with her can prove elusive for converts and lifelong Orthodox Christians alike. In this deeply personal but beautifully universal memoir, Brandi Willis Schreiber relates her own quest to know and love the Virgin Mary and to incorporate her as a vital participant in her spiritual life. Brandi’s sparkling, vulnerable account invites the reader to join her in this quest. Click Here >>

Behold a Great Light: A Daily Devotional for the Nativity Fast through Theophany

The forty days of fasting before Christmas are meant to prepare us for the Feast of the Nativity, but the busyness of the secular celebration can interfere with our best efforts to center our hearts on Christ. Behold a Great Light is a daily devotional designed to help readers contemplate the mysteries of the Incarnation during the fast and the Christmas – Theophany season, ending with the Synaxis of St. John the Baptist on January 7. Popular Ancient Faith authors, bloggers, and podcasters bring their own unique perspectives to these meditations, which are paired with selections from the Scriptures and the hymns of the Church. Click Here