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St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Lubbock Prosphora Baking Sign Up List

Instructions for signing up: Please type your name in the right column for the date you would like to bake the Prosphora. Note the Prosphora size and quantities for the date you sign up. If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Peter DeFonce at or (806) 392-3355
NEW: Excellent source of information (with videos!) for Prosphora baking:
Prosphoro – How to Make & Bake the Holy Bread Offering

Preparing the bread: After each loaf has cooled down, please wrap it in paper towel and put in a sealed Ziploc bag. Please include your name so we know who to pray for. If you have not updated your family prayer lists, please feel free to include an updated list with your Prosphora.

Delivering the bread: Fr. Peter is asking that you deliver the bread to him directly. Please call, text, or email him to arrange a time to drop off the loaves. Remember that Fr. Peter needs the Prosphora in advance to prepare for the services. Baking a day ahead would be best! THANK YOU!